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Call for papers: EESW23

event date: 2023-01-31ENBES invites proposals for papers to be presented at the eighth European Establishment Statistics Workshop (EESW23).

Under a broad heading of Traditional and new data sources for establishment statistics, the workshop welcomes contributions on all topics related to establishment statistics: sample design, data collection, response process, editing and imputation, estimation, modelling, data presentation and dissemination, metadata and process data for establishment statistics, cross-national statistics, and similar. However, special invited contributions and considerations on new developments are in the following overarching areas, which can contribute to addressing some emerging research questions:

  • Data collection management
    • Use of data portals
    • Automated data collection, system-to-system collection
    • Changes to data collection due to COVID-19
    • Respondent communication and care
    • Respondent burden
  • Responding to demand for new outputs
    • Producing more frequent outputs, e.g. monthly STS data by combining old and new data sources (structured or unstructured)
    • Rare populations - how to measure phenomena that refer to small populations
    • How to combine administrative data with other sources?
    • How to integrate unstructured (big) data into processes?
    • How to measure the quality of administrative data or mixed data sources?
  • Changing environment for business statistics
    • Embedding changes due to COVID-19 in business survey processes
      Responding to the availability of new data sources (structured and unstructured) and falling response rates from traditional surveys
    • Differences between the use of structured and unstructured alternative data sources
    • Rebasing challenges due to atypical economic situations in the base year
    • Seasonal adjustment during times of atypical change

For more details, see the full Call for papers for EESW23.

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