The Federation of European National Statistical Societies

About Us

The Federation promotes mutual communication, co-operation and interchange of views among all those interested in statistical sciences, in their scientific principles, in a broad sense and in as wide a range of applications as possible. The Federation serves as an agency for the dissemination of technical and scientific information among the National Statistical Societies forming the federation, promoting their mutual collaboration and those activities that can augment the research scientific impact of the members, including international conferences, journals, books and other publications.

Federation of European National Statistical Societies has the aim to promote mutual communication, co-operation and statistical research in Europe and to develop, relations of statistics to society, relations to European institutions, and particularly has the scope to support the diffusion of statistical education in Europe.
The Federation of European National Statistical Societies should secure that more European funds will be spent for research and education in statistical sciences and specifically:
- to have programs that cater to research and educations in statistical sciences;
- to have statistical representatives present in panels where funding is decided.


Main activities of the Federation

  1. Promote mutual communication, among European statisticians, especially for young statisticians by the active connection among European National Statistical Societies;
  2. Increase the collaboration between National Statistical Societies, by simple operational actions:
    1. Sections interchange in the national meetings. National meetings of European Societies are internationalized by increasing mutual participation via the exchange of researchers, by the exchange of the organization of sessions on relevant topics in the meetings of the members’ Societies. In this way national research excellences are promoted at an international level;
    2. Joint meetings among Societies on specific topics of interest for two or more European Societies;
  3. Educational Activities. As part of the internationalization plan the Federation encourages the immersion of doctorate and post-doctorate students in Statistical Sciences in international research networks. Doctorate and post-doctorate position in Statistical Sciences will be announced in the website of the Federation.
    ECAS, the European Courses in Advanced Statistics will be included in the Federation and shall serve as the institution to organize advanced courses in statistics.
  4. Secure that more European funds are dedicated for research and education in statistical Sciences by requiring it at the European Community level;
  5. Some European Societies (France, Italy, Portugal and Spain) have founded a new Statistical series entitled
    Studies in Theoretical and Applied Statistics,
    Two lines of book are published in the series:
    A “Advanced Studies”; B “Selected Papers of the Statistical Societies”
    These books are published by Springer.
    These Societies will open this Series to the Federation of European National Statistical Societies.
  6. The Federation will collaborate with other international statistical organizations and in particular with ENBIS.