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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Digital Twins

Upcoming “Digital Twins” Special Issue of the journal Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry (ASMBI)

Scope of the Special Issue

This Special Issue aims to attract high-quality, innovative, and original works related but not restricted to the below-mentioned research fields relevant to Digital Twins:

  • Digital Twin development for both the products and processes
  • Simulation Models for Digital Twins
  • Design and Analysis of computer experiments
  • Industrial implementation of Digital Twins
  • Robustness and optimization through Digital Twins
  • Practical applications and cases studies of data analytics using Digital Twins
  • Process surveillance and predictive maintenance through Digital Twins
    Decision-making through Digital Twins
  • Verification and validation of Digital Twins in real life

All submissions are welcome by November 13th, 2023. The contributions will go through the standard, selective review process of ASMBI. The submission link is here, and more detailed information is here.

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