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Plenary Meeting of ISO/TC 69 - Applications of Statistical Methods

event date: 2024-06-17You are invited to the plenary meeting of ISO/TC 69 in June 2024.

ISO/TC 69 is a technical committee within the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) responsible for developing standards related to applications of statistical methods. One of its goals focuses on disseminating a harmonized statistical language that is recognized by its peers. ISO/TC 69 is centered on standardization in the field of statistical methods, covering a wide range of areas such as collection (planning and design), analysis, presentation and interpretation of data. Standards developed by this committee aim to provide guidelines and best practices for the application of statistical techniques in various industries and fields. These standards play a crucial role in ensuring consistency, reliability, and accuracy in data analysis and decision-making processes across different sectors. They are used by organizations, governments, and industries worldwide to improve processes, products, and services through the effective application of statistical methods. The plenary meeting will be held in Amarante, Portugal, on 17 to 21 June, 2024.

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