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ISI Online Courses 2022

event date: 2022-02-23 to 2022-04-23The International Statistics Institute (ISI) is holding its second edition of the Online Course Programme, organised in cooperation with the ISI Associations, covering various statistics and data science areas

The courses are scheduled in a 3 hour session each day chosen to accommodate learners in many time zones. Depending on the programme, the classes design one day (3 hours), two days (6 hours) or three days (9 hours).

Registrations can be made via ISI Online Courses 2022 | ISI (isi-web.org), and the fees are as low as possible, with discounted rates for students and participants from developing countries. 

An overview of the upcoming courses is given below.

ISI Online Courses 2022

📅 23 February + 25 February

Introduction to Machine Learning 

Instructor: Prof. David Banks

📅 7 March + 8 March + 21 March

Data Science and Predictive Analytics (DSPA) 

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Ivo D. Dinov

 📅 10 March

Financial Accounts – Concepts, compilation and use 

Instructors: Henning Ahnert, Pierre Sola, Maciej Anacki

 📅 14 March + 15 March + 17 March

Introduction to Graph Sampling

Instructors: Prof. Li-Chun Zhang, Dr. Melike Oguz-Alper

📅 24 March + 25 March

Building technical editing and science communication skills for 21st Century

Instructors: Prof. Elena N. Naumova, Prof. Alessandro Fassò

📅 5 April

Reshaping challenging data to produce insightful graphs - a quick start to using R tidyverse tools 

Instructors: Prof. John Bailer, Assoc. Prof. Thomas Fisher

📅 11 April + 13 April

Cure Models: Methods, Applications, and Implementation

Instructors: Dr. Yingwei Peng, Dr. Binbing Yu

📅 12 April

Recurrent Event Analysis in R with the reReg package

Instructor: Dr. Sy Han (Steven) Chiou

📅 14 April

Fraud Analytics

Instructor: Dr. Tahir Ekin

📅 20 April

Bootstrap Methods and Permutation Tests

Instructor: Tim Hesterberg

📅 21 April

An Introductory Course in Competing Risks

Instructor: Jacobo de Uña-Álvarez

📅 25 April

Large-Scale Spatial Data Science

Instructors: Prof. Marc Genton, Dr. Sameh Abdulah, Dr. Faten S. Alamri

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