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Workshop: Teaching and Communication Tools for Enabling Statistical Thinking

event date: 2023-01-10 and 2023-01-12ISI is promoting a 2-days online workshop for educators, official statisticians, and others

On January 10 and 12, 2023, the International Statistical Institute (ISI) promotes the two days online workshop Teaching and Communication Tools for Enabling Statistical Thinking.

The workshop supplies tools and best practices for teaching and communicating statistical thinking as a foundation for conducting, understanding, and applying statistics, including examples from scientific studies and official statistics, working with decision-makers, and communicating with the general public.

Materials provided to participants include the course slides, lesson plans for hands-on activities and R-labs, and a reading list. The target audience focuses on statisticians teaching statistics courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and anyone conducting statistical consulting or communicating statistical work to those without a strong statistical background.

Further information and the registration link are here.


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