Vereniging voor Statistiek en Operations Research Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research VvS+OR

The ececutive committee

  • President: Casper Albers, University of Groningen
  • Secretaty General: Laura Zwep, Leiden University
  • Treasurer: Judith ter Schure, CWI - Machine learning, Science Park Amsterdam

About the Society

VVSOR aims to promote the application and study of statistical and operational research for the benefit of science and society. That is why many events are organized, including the two-day Annual Meeting in the spring, where speakers with all kinds of backgrounds talk about their vision in our field. Prizes will be awarded at this Annual Meeting for the best Master and PhD thesis. VVSOR also publishes two journals, the association magazine STAtOR, and the scientific Statistica Neerlandica. Our expert group advises organizations and news media on new developments and difficult issues in statistics and OR.

News from the Society

VVSOR Administratie
Postbus 1058
Tel: 0031 (0)33 2473408
Mail: admin@vvsor.nl

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