Statistično društvo Slovenije Statistical Society of Slovenia SSS

The Executive Committee

  • President: Vanja Erčulj
  • Vice-President: Matevž Bren
  • Secretary General: Mateja Čuk
  • Other members: Barbara Dremelj Ribič, Irena Križman, Lara Lusa and Ema Mišić

The Statistical Society of Slovenia wishes to:

  • encourage professional activities in the statistical field;
  • integrate statistics in Slovenia;
  • promote international cooperation;
  • to take care of the quality of statistical education;
  • take care of the reputation of the statistical profession in public.

The goals of the Association are defined in more detail in the Articles of Association.

News from the Society

A description of the occupation of statistician was prepared. The methodology used is based on the National Standard Classification of Occupations (SKP-08), which follows the concept of the ILO standard. It defines the occupation in relation to the work performed. The methodology covers:
a) who is the statistician (short description)
b) working tasks
c) work tools, accessories and materials
d) products and services
e) knowledge and skills
f) psycho-physical abilities
g) interests, essential qualities and values
h) conditions for employability
i) education
j) related occupations.
More information visit:  link.
The Statistical Society of Slovenia submitted to the Ministry of Justice a proposal for inclusion of the statistics expertise in the list of professional areas of judiciary expertise. The initiative was well received by the responsible authorities and statistician was included among the court experts.

Statistično društvo Slovenije
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