Sociedade Portuguesa de Estatística Portuguese Statistical Society SPE

The Executive Committee

  • President: Luís Meira Machado, Universidade do Minho
  • Vicepresident: Lisete Maria Ribeiro de Sousa, Universidade de Lisboa
  • Board member: Giovani Loiola da Silva, Universidade de Lisboa – Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Board of Directors: Lígia Carla Pinto Henriques Jorge Rodrigues, Universidade de Évora
  • Treasurer: Maria João Polidoro, Instituto Politécnico do Porto

About society

The Portuguese Statistical Society (SPE) was founded in 1980 under the name of Portuguese Society of Statistics and Operational Research since initially its interest was divided by these two areas of knowledge. In 1991 it was deeply restructured, having adopted new statutes and adopted the present name of Portuguese Statistical Society.

This was followed by a period of great dynamism, with a substantial number of members joining in, as a consequence of the great interest that the Society began to arouse among the Portuguese statistical community.

The purpose of the SPE is to promote, cultivate and develop, in Portugal, the study of Statistics, its applications and related sciences. It is also in the interest of the SPE to bring together all statisticians and bring together people working in different areas of statistics in universities, the private sector and public administration.

News from the society

Sociedade Portuguesa de Estatística
Bloco C6, Piso 4, Campo Grande
Phone: +351 217500427
e-mail: spe@spestatistica.pt

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