Österreichische Statistische Gesellschaft Austrian Statistical Society ÖSG

The executive committee

  • President: Dr. Konrad Pesendorfer, Fachstatistischer Generaldirektor der Statistik Austria
  • Vicepresident: Dr. Ulrike Oschischnig, Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
  • Treasurer: Dr. Gabriela Petrovic, Kaufmännische Generaldirektorin der Statistik Austria
  • Editor: Dr. Matthias Templ, Statistik Austria
  • Secretary: Mag. Manuela Lenk, Statistik Austria

About ÖSG

The Austrian Statistical Society (ÖSG) is a non-profit association of statisticians working in universities, research institutes, public administration, business and industry.

The tasks of the Society include the promotion of statistical science in all its fields and applications, the representation of the interests of statistics and statisticians in public, and the promotion of young statisticians.

Through its events, the Society offers its members a wide range of activities for the exchange of ideas and experiences between the various statistical domains in theory and practice. Through the three pillars ACADEMIC, OFFICIAL and APPLIED statistics the ÖSG has the "Triple A" of the Austrian statistics. The ÖSG thus offers the public a comprehensive statistical knowledge and is an essential link between statistical data producers, statistical methodologists and users of statistics.

News from the Society

Österr. Statistische Gesellschaft
c/o Statistik Austria
Guglgasse 13, 1110 Wien
e-mail: osg@statistik.gv.at

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