Luxembourg Statistical Society Luxembourg Statistical Society LSS

The executive committee

  • President: Christophe Ley, University of Luxembourg
  • Vice-president: Agnieszka Walczak de Queiroz, University of Luxembourg
  • Secretary: Michela Bia, Luxembourg Institute for Socio-Economic Research
  • Treasurer: Knut Utvik, Artemis

About the Luxembourg Statistical Society

Established in 2015, the Luxembourg Statistical Society (LSS) is a non-profit association whose objective is to promote the use of statistics and its methodological developments, to ensure the representation of those who practice, teach and carry out research in the field, and to cooperate with other organizations concerned. In particular, it aims at facilitating exchanges between statisticians working in administrations, companies and educational or research establishments. It also aims at collecting and wide spreading best practices for statistical analysis, in particular for young people, in order to establish its intrinsic value for decision-making in public policy, by increasing in this way its societal impact. The association carries out these projects on its own and through national and international cooperation. Since February 2018, the LSS has been a member of the FENStatS.

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