Suomen Tilastoseura Finnish Statistical Society FSS

The Executive Committee

President: Pekka Pere

Vice president: Ari Jaakola

Secretary: Roope Rihtamo

Treasurer: Tuuli Kauppala

Also part of the Board: Arvi Tolvanen, Reija Helenius, Mika Gissler, Jyrki Möttönen, and Tommi Härkänen, and three additional deputy members: Elisa Falck, Tapani Linnaluoto, and Tommi Mäklin.

About the Society

The Finnish Statistical Society was established in 1920, soon after Finland declared independence in 1917. The Society is one of the oldest scientific societies in Finland. One of the first initiatives of the Society was to organise a group of Finnish scientific societies to ask Jarl Lindeberg to write a textbook on mathematical statistics in 1924. Lindeberg, who had just published his famous condition for the Central limit theorem to hold, took the task and wrote the first textbook in mathematical statistics in Finnish.

A major reason for establishing the Society was to provide a forum for statistically-minded professionals to meet. It is still important. Present activities of the Society include organising seminars, especially the Statistical Days, which bring together Finnish statisticians and alike. The Society publishes a yearbook documenting the activities of the past year. A separate publication series of the Society exists for other publication purposes. Among the most influential publications of the series have been the dictionaries of statistical terms.

News from the Society

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