The executive committee

  • President: Tasos Christofides, University of Cyprus
  • Vice-president: Costas Christophi, Cyprus University of Technology
  • Secretary: Haritini Tsangari, University of Nicosia
  • Treasurer: Costas Diamantides, Cyprus Statistical Service
  • Member: Sergios Agapiou, University of Cyprus
  • Member: Milto Hadjikyriakou, UCLan Cyprus
  • Member: Petroula Mavrikiou, Frederick University

About the Cyprus Statistical Society

The Cyprus Statistical Society (CSS) (Κυπριακή Στατιστική Εταιρεία, ΚΣΕ) is a scientific association, established in 2018 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The mission of the CSS is the promotion of all areas of Statistical Science, both of its theory and its applications, as well as the recognition of the contribution of Statistics towards other sciences and to important areas of human activity. Furthermore, the CSS aims to support the strengthening of the Statistical profession and the promotion of the teaching of Statistics at all levels of education. The CSS pursues its goals by organizing seminars, conferences, and competitions, as well as with the publication of scientific journals/newsletters. At the same time, the CSS aims to collaborate with similar scientific organizations abroad. CSS is a founding member of FENStatS, to which CSS belongs since 2018.

The Cyprus Statistical Society

Email:  info@css.org.cy

Official website: http://www.css.org.cy/

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/CyprusStatisticalSociety

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