Instructions to National Statistical Associations

The key elements regarding the FENStatS Accreditation System (FAS) are described in the by-laws which also distill the spirit of this accreditation program. When in doubt regarding any of the subsequent points, we suggest to please consult the by-laws in order to interpret these points correctly and in the spirit of FAS.

How to join the FAS

A National Association (NA) that is a FENStatS member organization may choose to join the FAS at any time. The first step will be a formal notification to the chairperson of the FAS expressing the NA’s interest to join.

  1. The NA needs to identify a person representing the NA to FENStatS, hereafter the Representative. This Representative shall be in good standing regarding membership in the NA, and interested in contributing time and effort towards making FAS a successful initiative. The Representative will need to communicate closely and effectively with applicants, with the NA, and with the FENStatS accreditation board (FAB). For this professional service, the Representative will not receive remuneration from FENStatS.
  2. The NA needs to identify at least three auditors who will review accreditation applications by members of this NA. Ideally, the auditors are already accredited according to FAS or other professional accreditations for statisticians. However, for the starting period of FAS, it is not feasible to make this a mandatory requirement. The auditors will receive nominal honoraria for each audit they perform. The Representative may also serve as auditor if otherwise there is a shortage of staff.
  3. The auditors and representative sign non-disclosure agreements regarding the accreditation applications they will or may see.
  4. The names of the auditors and representative, are to be sent to the chairperson of the FAB using the form provided on the next page, as well as their signed non- disclosure agreements. The FAB and FENStatS executive committee will review the documents and formally accept the NA into the FAS or ask for revisions or more details.

How to process the applications

Applications are collected by FENStatS using the Application portal.

How to handle the financial part

  1. The application fee is EUR100 and is paid to FENStatS using the accreditation portal.
  2. The annual recurrent fee is 20% of the application fee, EUR20, and it is paid to the corresponding national society.
  3. There is a discount to EUR80 during 2024 (possibly exended).

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