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Going Viral – Modelling Spread

event date: 18. 3. 2021The 2021 Annual Meeting of the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operation Research (VVSOR) will be about the spread. Four international speakers will discuss their research on the spread of COVID-19 virus. The speakers will reflect on modelling 'Going Viral' and modelling spread, or how to reduce the spread of COVID-19, from their respective fields by using concepts from both statistics and operational research.

Invited speakers:

  • Prof. dr. N. V. (Nelly) Litvak
  • Prof. dr. G. (Gavin) Shaddick
  • Prof. dr. D. J. (Dimitris) Bertsimas
  • Prof. dr. J. (Jacco) Wallinga

For the first time, this year the Annual Meeting will be an online streaming event on Zoom and Youtube. We will have a general assembly for members, followed by the actual event with four talks and two award presentations. The AM 2021 will be held in English.

Registration is open, please register on the vvsor-website. This year's annual meeting is free of charge, and members can receive a small snack box if they register early.

E-mail: annualmeeting@vvsor.nl

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